A 2022 Reality


Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Main Text:  Exodus 2:23-25

Topics Discussed:

  • All of the promises of God belong to us as believers.
  • If His promises don’t build our confidence in Him, there is something WRONG with our view of God.
  • Be ASSURED, God knows the exact time to act on our behalf.
  • When we cry out to God, He HEARS and REMEMBERS His covenant (Word)–His PROMISE.

Action Points: 

  • The promises of God are not just lofty ideas but bedrock realities for every believer..
  • When you don’t know what to do, call on God for help.
  • Remind yourself what the Word promises for your salvation from sin, deliverance from enemies, and overcoming victory in Jesus.
  • Start 2022 with the heart of God’s Word planted deep in the heart of you!