A Surrendered Mother


Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Sermon Title:  A Surrendered Mother

Main Text:  Luke 15:11-24

Topics Discussed:

  • Many mothers, and parents, have experienced the devastation and emotional stress from a PRODIGAL child.
  • In truth, you may be doing EVERYTHING right, but any child can choose to walk away because God gives us all FREE WILL.
  • There are 5 steps we can take to “CALL OUR PRODIGALS HOME.”

Action Points: 

  • Turn to God for help and guidance.
  • Devote more and more time to God’s Word and prayer.
  • Totally surrender yourself  to God.
  • Totally surrender your children to God and trust Him to work on their behalf.
  • Love your children with the unconditional love of God.