“Are You An Old Bag?”


Main Bible Passage:

Matthew 9:14-17

Sermon Description:

God desires to put His “New Wine” into our old wineskins

Action Point:
Men do not put new wine into old wineskins, but into new ones.

New wine means “NEW”( GK.-NEOS )——-New  wineskins means “RENEWED” ( GK.-KAINOS )

So, our wineskin must be renewed to receive His New Wine.

That is accomplished by soaking in God’s Word, and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts and lives.

Topics Discussed:
Getting on the “Potter’s Wheel”, and letting the Potter do His job in our life.
Putting God’s New Wine into our old wineskin. Our old wineskin must be renewed, or everything may be lost.
“New Wine” speaks of fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit. Old wineskins speak of lukewarmness, things being too comfortable and too familiar, having no elasticity, and not willing to change.
When we do allow God to work in our lives, our old wineskin will be filled with fresh “New Wine”.