Breaking Point


Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Main Text:  Genesis 12-50

Topics Discussed:

  • Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—the patriarchs of the Jewish line—and their families present amazing stories of encouragement as we fulfill God’s plan and purpose for our lives.
  • God is always working all things out for our good because our lives are part of “His Giant Puzzle.”

Action Points:

  • From time to time, we all experience negative things, which can easily distract and discourage us.
  • If we don’t deal with such challenges in a positive and biblical way, we can find ourselves at a BREAKING POINT.
  • As we give everything to God and trust Him in everything, we suddenly find ourselves at a God-given BREAKTHROUGH!
  • If you are at a BREAKING POINT, know God truly loves you. He is waiting just around the corner with your personal BREAKTHROUGH!

Bible References Used:

  • Genesis 21:13
  • Genesis 25:21
  • Genesis 37:1-11
  • Genesis 39:2, 20-23
  • Genesis 50:15-21