Crisis Management


Main Bible Passage:

Acts 3:11-16

Topics Discussed:
We are all part of God’s divine plan.

A noted miracle had just happened and the people wanted to glorify both Peter & John.

There are only two religious paths: The broad way of works salvation, leading to eternal death, and
                                                                              The narrow way of faith in Jesus, leading to eternal life.

God’s plan and purpose for all of us.

Action Points:
We’re facing several problems in society, but God is still speaking to His people. Are we listening?
Peter and John give us an example as to how we  deal with a crisis.
The entire group was not afraid or discouraged in any way, but encouraged because of their suffering for the cause of Christ.
They prayed for boldness, the place was shaken, they were all filled with Holy Spirit, and they spoke the Word with boldness.
If we pray like they prayed, we’ll get the same results.