Do You See Anything?


Main Bible Passage:

Mark 8:22-26

Sermon Description:

For many in the church, this passage is symbolic of our condition and spiritual journey. It’s easy to get complacent.

Action Point:
Realize that we are the blind man in this story.

Realize that our blindness is not always physical.

Bethsaida is symbolic of our world system, comfort zone, spiritual blindness, and lukewarmness

Jesus must lead us out of all these things to enable us to see clearly.

Topics Discussed:
This miracle is uniquely different from any of His other miracles
Four different illustrations from this story apply directly to us.
Partial Sight = Partial Understanding   /   Full Sight = Full Understanding
Allow Jesus to remove us from all things that contribute to our spiritual blindness.
Bible References:
Mark 8:22-26
Matthew 7:6
Matthew 11:20-24
Luke 4:18-19
Luke 19:44
Revelation 3:18
2 Peter 2:22