God’s Got Your Back!


Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Sermon Title:  God’s Got Your Back

Main Text:  Matthew 6:25-33

Topics Discussed:

  • Just as the Lord warns us about troubles ahead, He also REVEALS how He will see us through.
  • God has ALWAYS known these things would come to pass, so He spoke a word of PRESERVATION to help sustain and encourage His people.
  • As surely as He CREATED and UPHOLDS all things by the POWER of His Word, He has a word of PRESERVATION for us.

Action Points: 

  • Receive God’s Word for you and your family in FAITH.
  • READ and MEDITATE on Psalm 91 every day this week.
  • Be ENCOURAGED; God’s predetermined Word and His pre-appointed plan says, “No matter what you may go through, God’s got your back.”