Gods Plum Line


Main Bible Passage:

Amos 8:11-12

Topics Discussed:
Because of the spiritual conditions in Israel, God would send a famine in the land.

Not of bread and water, but of hearing the Word of god. A condition that still affects the church to this day.

That generation was stubborn, rebellious, disobedient, stiff-necked, hateful, immoral, and wicked.

There seems to be no difference between that generation and ours today.
God’s Word is our Plumb-Line for righteous living
Action Points:
The nation of Israel kept going in the wrong direction. We must realize we need something to keep us all going in the right direction.
They failed the test over and over again. We must prepare ourselves to make sure we don’t fail the test.In one history book-the Bible-we have all the stories from creation to Revelation.
That great history book, is also all about Jesus and His plan for our salvation.
God never changes! Knowing that to be true, and knowing we have this sinful nature within us, then we are the ones that must change.
Remember, God’s Word is His Plumb-Line for godly living.