Less is More


Main Bible Passage:

Mark 6:34-44

Topics Discussed:
The compassion of Jesus for people and how He was “Stirred To Action”.

The disciples, like us, were the ones to complain about the late hour and lack of food.

The miraculous multiplication of the loaves and fish.
A total of 7 miracles took place in only a few minutes. Can you find them?
Action Points:
Do we really understand the principle behind “Less Is More”?
Is our God about subtraction & division-OR- multiplication & addition?
Jesus was moved with compassion for the state of the people that followed Him. Do we have that same compassion for the people around us?
2 important principles to take from this story:
     1-The blessing comes by giving thanks for everything God has given us.
    2-The blessing comes through obedience to God as He instructs us on the who, what, when, where, and why of giving it away.