Let My People Go


Main Bible Passage:

Revelation 1:12-20

Topics Discussed:
Do we really know who Jesus is?

Anyone left behind at the 2nd advent of Jesus will surely know who Jesus really is.

Moses declared to Pharaoh about an enslaved people, “Let My People Go”!

We must declare to the forces of darkness who have enslaved this generation in sin, “Let God’s People Go”!

Action Points:
Look at who Jesus really is, both then and now.
Jesus has taken on two forms:
1—A non-glorified human form and appearance, and
2—A glorified divine form, with eyes of fire, hair like snow, riding on a white horse at His 2nd coming.
He will come with clouds and a twp-edged sword in His mouth, and every eye will see Him.
As Moses declared to Pharaoh, “Let My People Go”, we must declare to this generation the same message.