Our Legacy



Main Text: Ephesians 10:10-20
Topics Discussed: Prayer as part of the whole armor of God.
                           Many examples of the power of prayer in scripture.
                           The times Jesus prayed and how it affected His ministry.
                           Hudson Taylor and how he prayed to impact China.
                           George Muller took care of more than 10,000 orphans by praying in the needed resources.
Action Points: The 7th part of the whole armor of God.
                      The patriarchs of our faith were all men and women of prayer.
                      Numerous scripture passages, both old and new testaments, that deal with the importance, and the power, of our prayers.
                      We looked at the rich prayer legacy God has given to His church and what are we doing with it.
                      A personal challenge to be a church that prays a sincerely, effectively, and fervently.
 Bible References Used: Ephesians 6:10-20
                                    Genesis 25:21
                                    Exodus 33:11a
                                    Psalm 55:17 & 65:2
                                    Nehemiah 6:15
                                    Daniel 6:10
                                    Matthew 6:9-13 &21:13
                                    Mark 1:35 & 14:38
                                    Luke 3:21 & 5:16 & 6:12
                                    Luke 9:18 & 18:1 & 22:39-46
                                    Hebrews 7:25