Our Power and Authority


Main Bible Passage:

Luke 13:10-16

Topics Discussed:
Using our God-Given Power & Authority.

What do the terms, Power & Authority, actually mean in the Greek?

The 5 major areas of ministry for every believer

What did Jesus do that we, as the church, may not be doing?

Action Points:
Realize that we, as His followers, have been given the same Power & Authority that Jesus had.
The church must get this concept from our ears, to our brain, to our spirit, down to our feet in action.
The church is very similar to our solders and police officers; Authority is the legal right to use the Power. God’s Word is our training manual.
The church is hindered greatly by not using these tools of ministry.
Satan had this woman bound in an infirmity for 18 years. Jesus ask if she, being a daughter of Abraham, should not be set free from the infirmity? The answer is obvious, YES!
We should be doing the same.