Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Sermon Title:  Revival

Main Text:  2 Timothy 3:1

Topics Discussed:

  • Much of the church in the west has ceased to be an agent of LIGHT in the darkness that surrounds.
  • The forces that WAR against the faith, the church, and freedom are growing STRONGER.
  • As things get darker, it is time for us to SHINE brighter than ever before.
  • The line in the sand has already been DRAWN by God and His Word.
  • Jesus gave the 120 people in the Upper Room 5 instructions that CHANGED their lives and the world.

Action Points: 

  • We must EMBRACE the same “Upper Room instructions” for the SAKE of the church, America, the world, and most of all, ourselves.  We need REVIVAL!
  • We must pray like never before for REVIVAL to come to the United States and ALL of us.  When we do. . .revival will have ALREADY STARTED!