Roll Away The Stone!


Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Sermon Title:  Roll The Stone Away!

Main Text:  John 11:1-16

Topics Discussed:

  • A good Biblical definition of obedience is “Do WHAT you’re told, WHEN you’re told, WITHOUT murmuring or complaining.”
  • God’s pleasure comes when He sees the FRUIT from our obedience.
  • Does Jesus ever do ANYTHING without a point or purpose?

Action Points: 

  • To obey God, we must lay down our grave clothes and walk in FREEDOM.
  • God has supplied us with the POWER and RESOURCES we need to be set free.
  • When we roll away the stone of UNBELIEF, Christ’s RESURRECTION power will be released in us.

Bible References Used:

  • Matthew 11:28-30
  • Exodus 23:25-26
  • John 11:17-37
  • Romans 8:13
  • John 11:38-44