Salt & Light


Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Sermon Title:  Salt and Light

Main Text:  Matthew 5:13-16

Topics Discussed:

  • As His followers, Jesus gave us a warning that we are “THE SALT OF THE EARTH” and “THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.”
  • It is easy for us, as the church in the West, to see the REASON for this warning by Jesus.
  • How do we stop from falling into the secular, HORRIBLE TRAP?
  • How do we avoid being “NO LONGER GOOD FOR ANYTHING”?

Action Points: 

  • 1st – We must REPENT of our COMPLACENCY.
  • 2nd – We must continually RENEW our PASSION for God’s Word.
  • 3rd – We must MARRY THE WORD with a PASSION FOR PRAYER.
  • 4th – We must be FILLED with the HOLY SPIRIT!
  • 5th – We must JOIN OTHERS on the front lines of SPIRITUAL WARFARE!