Snake on a Stick


Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Sermon Title: Snake on a Stick

Main Text:  Numbers 21:4-9

Topics Discussed:

  • Murmuring and complaining is what got the children of Israel in trouble.
  • It was their murmuring and complaining, sin, and disobedience that took them into the wilderness in the first place.
  • Why did God place the bronze, fiery serpent on a pole?

Action Points: 

  • God used this situation as an opportunity to illustrate salvation that would come through Jesus Christ some 1423 years later.
  • God was tying the past, present, and future events all together to form a picture of our salvation.
  • Everything lost in the garden was restored in the cross.
  • Is there a way Jesus can be lifted up, or exalted, from the earth so He can draw people to Himself?
  • Yes, we can lift, or exalt, Him every day of our lives—by our lives.