The Devil’s Worst Nightmare


Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Main Text:  Joshua 1:1-9

Topics Discussed:

  • As we follow God’s Word, we will DESTROY every enemy that tries to stand against us, without exception.
  • The definition of prosperity has little to do with money but much to say about CHARACTER and CONDUCT.
  • God wants us to be successful and to be walking in DIVINE prosperity in every AREA of our lives, not just financially.
  • God’s Word teaches us how to walk in VICTORY over the world and the devil

Action Points: 

  • The more we walk in the light of His Word, the FREER we get.
  • The freer we get, the LESS we walk in the world.
  • The less we walk in the world, the MORE we walk in the Holy Spirit.
  • The more we walk in the realm of the Spirit, the MORE we become A NIGHTMARE to the devil.