The Standard


Speaker:  Pastor Everett Spence

Main Text: Isaiah 59:16-19

Topics Discussed:

  • The promises of God belong to those who believe.
  • If God’s promises do not excite us and build our faith and confidence in Him, there may be something VERY WRONG with our view of God.
  • We don’t ever want that to happen among God’s people today.
  • God took it upon Himself to radically change Israel’s condition and bring about their redemption, salvation, and deliverance.

Action Points: 

    • If we’re truly born again, if we’re truly in love with Jesus, we’ll want to be in a personal relationship with Him daily.
  • That Means Being. . .
  • Led by the Holy Spirit
  • In God’s Word and prayer every day
  • Gathered together (in church) with God’s people
  • A generous giver financially
  • A good and faithful servant of the Kingdom
  • Involved in some form of evangelism
  • Willing to die for the cause of Christ