Main Bible Passage:

John 1:1-4,14

Topics Discussed:
Being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

Knowing the truth of the gospel that sets men free.

The 5 steps of true discipleship.

The reason the Holy Spirit was sent to the church.
God has detailed instructions for us to follow.
Action Points:
Jesus said that sin enslaves us to sin. Jesus also said that by knowing the truth, the truth will ultimately set us free from that sin.
How do we know the truth; by knowing Jesus and knowing His Word intimately!
We know Jesus intimately by abiding in His Word. Abide means to: Continue, dwell, endure, remain, stand, tarry, and persevere in His Word.
Review the 5 steps of “True Discipleship”, to make sure we’re walking in them daily.
As believers in the truth of God’s Word, we have the responsibility of asking God, ” What do you want me to do?”