Virtual Service | Faith It Till You Make It (2)


Main Bible Passage:

Romans 4:13-25

Topics Discussed:
We take our friends at their word…why is it so difficult to take God at His Word?

Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. We must do the same.

Do we believe that God can and will do what He has promised? If so, then fully trust God and FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!
As we take God at His Word, faith it and obey it, we will experience His abundant provision.
Action Points:
Do we really believe God’s Word?
God’s Word should create more faith and excitement in us than anything else we will ever hear.
Abraham and Sarah believed against all odds for Isaac to be born. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? No, nothing!
Earthly actions are based on earthly beliefs…Spiritual actions must be based on Spiritual beliefs.
We must: Take God at His Word,
                                    FAITH IT TILL WE MAKE IT,
                                    Speak to our mountain,
                                    Do not be weary in doing good.