Main Bible Passage:

Ephesians 6:10-13

Topics Discussed:
Make your prayer room (closet KJV ) a room where you do real warfare.

Understand that we are seated together with Christ in heavenly places. That’s a place of true authority.

Marching around the house, stomping your feet, shaking your fist, and yelling at the the devil won’t get you very far. However, fearless praying will.

As we look around in any direction, it’s time for faith-filled words to pour out of our mouths.
As we persevere in our War Room, we will begin to see strongholds crumble all around us!
Action Points:
Find a place of solitude somewhere and make it your personal War Room.
We must realize that we are in the most important spiritual warfare of our lives.
We must go to war with the devil for ourselves, families, children, marriages, nation, government, unborn, churches, righteousness, and those enslaved to sin.
Our God-given position in Christ is one of power and authority. That being true, then why don’t we pray like that was true?
Your position in prayer determines the outcome of your prayer.